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 * PROGRAM    : 
 * DATE - TIME  : lundi 10 avril 2006 - 22:28
 * AUTHOR      : Anacr0x ( fred.julian at gmail.com )
//  * FILENAME     : InitCompletion.h
 * COMMENTARY   : Initialisation class for the icomplete's autocompletion

#include <QStringList>
#include <QList>
#include <QThread>
#include <QFile>
#include <QPair>
#include <QSqlQuery>

class Tree;
class TreeClasses;
struct Expression;
struct Scope;

class Tag
      QString name;
      QString parameters;
      QString longName;
      QString kind;
      QString access;
      QString signature;
      QString returned;
      bool isFunction;
      bool isStatic;
typedef QList<Tag> TagList;
#include <QTime>
class InitCompletion : public QThread

      QString classForFunction(QString classname, QString function);
      enum Request { Completion,    CheckQtDatabase, ClassName };
      InitCompletion (QObject *parent, TreeClasses *treeClasses);
      void setCtagsCmdPath (const QString &cmdPath);
      void addIncludes (QStringList includesPath, QString projectDirectory);
      void run();
      QString className(const QString &text);
      //void setEmitResults(bool r) { m_emitResults = r; };
            * @param: filename is a name like "string.h"
            * @return: the file descriptor (fd) and stores
            *          "/usr/include/string.h" in fullname
      void setQtInclude(QString value) { m_qtInclude = value; }
      QFile* getFiledescriptor(const QString &filename, QString &fullname);
      void setStopRequired() { m_stopRequired = true;}
      QString tagsFilePath,

      Expression getExpression(const QString &text, Scope &sc, bool showAllResults = false);
      /* creates a simple hash for all #include lines of a line */
      long calculateHash(const QString &ParsedText);
      /* forks and executes ctags to rebuild a tags file
      * storing cache_value in the tags file */
      bool buildTagsFile(long cache_value, const QString &parsedText);
      QStringList includesList(const QString &parsedText);
      QString includesPathList(const QString &parsedText);
      void writeInheritanceToDB(QMap<QString, QString> inheritsList, QSqlQuery query);

      TagList readFromDB(TagList list, Expression exp, QString functionName);
      void writeToDB(Expression exp, TagList list, QSqlQuery query);
      bool connectQDevelopDB(QString const& dbName);
      void createTables();
      void populateQtDatabase();
      QStringList inheritanceList( const QString classname, QStringList &list );
      Expression parseLine( QString text );
      QString returned(QString className, QString function, Expression &exp);

      QStringList cpp_includes;
      QString m_text;
      bool m_showAllResults;
      bool m_emitResults;
    bool m_showDuplicateEntries;
    //bool m_checkQt;
    Request m_request;
    QString m_name;
    QString m_projectDirectory;
    QList<QPair<QString, QString> > parsingList;
      QString m_qtInclude;
      bool m_stopRequired;
      TreeClasses *m_treeClasses;
      QStringList filesList(QString directory, QStringList files);
public slots:
      void slotInitParse(InitCompletion::Request request, QString filename, const QString &text, bool showAllResults, bool emitResults, bool showDuplicateEntries, QString name);
      void completionList( TagList ); 
      void completionHelpList( TagList ); 
      void showMessage( QString );


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