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* This file is part of QDevelop, an open-source cross-platform IDE
* Copyright (C) 2006  Jean-Luc Biord
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
* (at your option) any later version.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307  USA
* Contact e-mail: Jean-Luc Biord <jl.biord@free.fr>
* Program URL   : http://qdevelop.org
#ifndef MAINIMPL_H
#define MAINIMPL_H

#include "ui_main.h"
#include "debug.h"
#include <QDateTime>
#include <QFont>
#include <QTextCharFormat>
#include <QTextBlock>
#include "treeproject.h"

class QProcess;
class Editor;
class Build;
class QComboBox;
class ProjectManager;
class Assistant;
class Designer;
class QActionGroup;
class TabWidget;
class FindFileImpl;
class StackImpl;
class InitCompletion;
typedef QPair<Editor *, QTextBlock> Bookmark;
class MainImpl : public QMainWindow, public Ui::Main
      void automaticCompilationState(Editor *editor, int state);
      QList<Editor *> allEditors();
      MainImpl(QWidget * parent = 0);
      enum ExecuteVersion { ExecuteNone, ExecuteRelease, ExecuteDebug};
      Editor * openFile(QStringList locationsList, int numLine=-1, bool silentMode=false, bool moveTop=false);
      QString loadINI();
      bool saveBeforeBuild() { return m_saveBeforeBuild; };
      bool openProject(QString s);
      QString qmakeName() { return m_qmakeName; };
      QString ctagsName() { return m_ctagsName; };
      QString lupdateName() { return m_lupdateName; };
      QString lreleaseName() { return m_lreleaseName; };
      enum EndLine { Default, Unix, Windows };
      TabWidget *tabEditors() const { return m_tabEditors; };
      bool ctagsIsPresent() { return m_ctagsIsPresent; };
      QKeySequence shortcutCut() { return actionCut->shortcut(); };
      QKeySequence shortcutPaste() { return actionPaste->shortcut(); };
      QKeySequence shortcutUndo() { return actionUndo->shortcut(); };
      QKeySequence shortcutRedo() { return actionRedo->shortcut(); };
      void closeTab(int numTab);
      void closeOtherTab(int numTab);
      bool showTreeClasses() { return m_showTreeClasses; };
      void toggleBookmark(Editor *editor, QString text, bool activate, QTextBlock block);
      QMenu *bookmarksMenu() { return menuBookmarks; };
      const QList<ParsedItem> *treeClassesItems() { return treeClasses->treeClassesItems(); };
      void loadPlugins();
      void renameEditor(QString oldName, QString newName);
      void configureCompletion(QString projectDirectory);
      void gotoFileInProject(QString& filename);
      Editor * currentEditor();
      Editor * givenEditor(int i);
      void resetProjectsDirectoriesList();
      void resetDebugAfterBuild();
      int mibCodec() { return m_mibCodec; }
      void checkQtDatabase();
      InitCompletion* buildQtDatabase() { return m_buildQtDatabase; }
      // Functions
      void createConnections();
      void updateActionsRecentsFiles();
      void updateActionsRecentsProjects();
      QString strippedName(const QString &fullFileName);
      void setCurrentProject(const QString &file);
      void setCurrentFile(const QString &file);
      void saveINI();
      void setCrossButton(bool activate);
      bool modifiedEditors();
      // Objects and Variables
      bool m_automaticCompilation;
      QColor m_textColor;
      bool m_buildQtDatabaseAsked;
      Build *m_builder;
      Debug *m_debug;
      ProjectManager *m_projectManager;
      enum { maxRecentsFiles = 10 };
      QAction *actionsRecentsFiles[maxRecentsFiles];
      enum { maxRecentsProjects = 10 };
      QAction *actionsProjetsRecents[maxRecentsProjects];
      QStringList m_projectsDirectoriesList;
      bool m_clean;
      bool m_build;
      Assistant *m_assistant;
      Designer *m_designer;
      QFont m_font;
      int m_tabStopWidth;
      QString m_qmakeName;
      QString m_makeName;
      QString m_makeOptions;
      QString m_gdbName;
      QString m_ctagsName;
      QString m_linguistName;
      QString m_lupdateName;
      QString m_lreleaseName;
      QString m_designerName;
      QString m_qtInstallHeaders;
      QString m_projectsDirectory;
      QString m_pluginsDirectory;
      QString m_includeDirectory;
      QString m_documentationDirectory;
      bool m_lineNumbers, m_selectionBorder, m_autoIndent, m_cppHighlighter;
      bool m_saveBeforeBuild;
      bool m_restoreOnStart;
      bool m_promptBeforeQuit;
      ExecuteVersion m_debugAfterBuild;
      bool m_buildAfterDebug;
      bool m_checkEnvironmentOnStartup;
      bool m_autoMaskDocks;
      bool m_autoCompletion;
      bool m_autobrackets;
      bool m_match;
      bool m_highlightCurrentLine;
      bool m_ctagsIsPresent;
      bool m_configureCompletionNeeded;
      QColor m_backgroundColor;
      QColor m_currentLineColor;
      QColor m_matchingColor;
      EndLine m_endLine;
      bool m_tabSpaces;
      bool m_closeButtonInTabs;
      bool m_displayEditorToolbars;
      bool m_displayWhiteSpaces;
      QToolButton *crossButton;
      QPointer<QActionGroup> m_projectGroup;
      QPointer<QActionGroup> m_buildingGroup;
      QTextCharFormat m_formatPreprocessorText, m_formatQtText, m_formatSingleComments;
      QTextCharFormat m_formatMultilineComments, m_formatQuotationText, m_formatMethods, m_formatKeywords;
      TabWidget *m_tabEditors;
      FindFileImpl *m_findInFiles;
      StackImpl *m_stack;
      int m_intervalUpdatingClasses;
      bool m_showTreeClasses;
      InitCompletion *m_completion;
      InitCompletion *m_buildQtDatabase;
      QAction *actionActiveBookmark;
      int m_mibCodec;
      //QList<Editor *> m_maximizedEditors;
      QAction *separatorOtherFile, *actionOtherFile;
      QHash<QWidget*,bool> toolbarStatus;
      void closeEvent( QCloseEvent * event );
private slots:
      void slotClearAllWarningsErrors();
      void slotPreviousWarningError();
      void slotNextWarningError();
      void slotQmake();
      void slotOpen();
      void slotOpenProject();
      void slotSaveFile();
      void slotCompleteCode();
      void slotSaveFileAs();
      bool slotSaveAll();
      void slotBuild(bool clean=false, bool build=true, bool forceQmake=false);
      void slotNewProject();
      void slotRebuild();
      void slotStopBuild();
      void slotClean();
      void slotCut();
      void slotCopy();
      void slotPaste();
      void slotUndo();
      void slotRedo();
      void slotGotoLine();
      void slotSelectAll();
      void slotUnindent();
      void slotIndent();
      void slotFind();
      void slotReplace();
      void slotFindContinue();
      void slotFindPrevious();
      void slotEndBuild();
      bool slotDebug(bool executeOnly=false);
      void slotExecuteWithoutDebug();
      void slotContinueDebug();
      void slotEndDebug();
      void slotMessagesDebug(QString message);
      void slotFindFilesActivated(QListWidgetItem *item, QListWidgetItem *);
      void slotDoubleClickFindLines( QListWidgetItem *item);      
      void slotModifiedEditor(Editor *editor, bool modified);
      void slotStepInto();
      void slotStepOver();
      void slotStepOut();
      void slotEditToGdb(QString);
      void slotOnPause();
      void slotOpenRecentFile();
      void slotOpenRecentProject();
      void slotAbout();
      void slotHelpQtWord();
      void slotOptions();
      void slotClickTreeFiles(QTreeWidgetItem *item, int);
      void slotCloseCurrentTab();
      void slotPreviousTab();
      void slotNextTab();
      void slotOtherFile();
      void slotSetFocusToEditor();
      void slotToggleBreakpoint();  
      void slotShortcuts();
      void slotFindInFiles();
      void slotNewFile();
      void slotToggleComment();
      void slotComment();
      void slotUncomment();
      void slotParameters();
      void slotCurrentTabChanged(int index);
      void slotDebugVariables( QList<Variable> list);
      void slotAddDebugVariable();
      void slotRemoveDebugVariable();
      void slotToggleBookmark();    
      void slotActivateBookmark(QAction *action=0);
      void slotPreviousBookmark();
      void slotNextBookmark();
      void slotClearAllBookmarks();
      void slotGotoMatchingBracket();
      void slotTextEditPlugin();
      void slotConfigPlugin();
      void slotPrint();
      void slotOpenFile();
      void slotGotoDeclaration();
      void slotGotoImplementation();
      void slotMethodsList();
      void slotNewQtVersion();
      void slotUpdateOtherFileActions();
      void on_actionEditor_mode_triggered();
public slots:
      void slotCompile(bool automaticCompilation=false);
      void slotBuildQtDatabaseEnded();
      void slotShowMessage(QString message);
      void slotDoubleClickTreeFiles(QTreeWidgetItem *item, int);
      bool slotCloseAllFiles();
      void slotToolsControl(bool show=true);
      void slotUpdateClasses(QString filename, QString buffer);
      bool slotCloseProject(bool hide=false);
      //void slotShowMaximized(Editor *editor=0);
      void debugCommand(QString);
      void stopBuild();
      void stopDebug();
      void pauseDebug();
      void resetExecutedLine();
      void otherVariables(QStringList);


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